Polaroid by Adam Custins

Polaroid by Adam Custins

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Trina Richie Hines is a self-taught illustrator, coming from a small town outside of Boston. Her body of work largely documents the people & places encountered in her recent travels after leaving home. As of late, she is looking for more in the mundane & seeking how to materialize the intangible, such as fleeting feelings or dreams, in her personal works.

Her experience includes drawing, illustration, graphic design, animation, modeling, bookbinding & beyond. She particularly favors pointillism with ink on paper.

Hines has been featured in numerous international publications, including W Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar Australia, Glamour Spain, Sleek Mag & Malibu Mag. She has been commissioned for many different services, including graphic logo design for select events hosted by the New York City Ballet & a fully animated music video for borealism. Recently, Hines has been cast in Tommy Hilfiger’s latest “Make It Possible” campaign in acknowledgement of her creative merits.

Hines has drawn all of her life & was raised by two supportive jazz musicians. She currently lives in New York City where she spends her time sketching clouds, modeling & wishing she had a cat.

For any inquiries, please email hinestheartist@gmail.com.